What We Do

We're a team of young designers, programmers, innovators and marketing madmen. Simply, we create world class performing content. Need slick posts scheduled on your social media? We got ya. Want a year in review video to showcase the amazing work your business has done in the past year? No problem, we can even have it done before the end of the week. Have an amazing app idea? You've got the right guys for the job.
We're amazing at what we do and our customers love the results. How do we do it? We love our work, it's that easy. Each member of our team comes from learning from doing what they love; programmers bred from Silicon Valley, award winning designers and marketers that could sell the homeless home insurance.

Our Recent Work

Year In Review - Video Production

We recently produced a "Year In Review" promotional video for The Shores of Traad Community Group to showcase their work and acomplishments this year. They are involved in the preservation and protection of a nature neserve threatened by local political agendas.

Periono - Website & Logo

Periono is a an online accessory and jewellry retailer since 2012. Sailfish Studios completed a brand re-design including logo design for the brand in Janauary. A fully automated Shopify store was also set up to sell their products.

Your Universe - Website & Logo

The team was involved in creating a simple one page website and logo for the Virgin Gatlatic, Lifestart challenge. The one page site was designed as a portal to quickly deliver free resources on space exploration to students and teachers.

CropSafe - Startup development

The CropSafe team is involved in the management, development and design of CropSafe - a platform which utilizes satellite imagery to detect and predict crop contamination and disease using machine learning. Most recently, In October the CropSafe team travelled to the heart of Silicon Valley in San Francisco to present the product to over one hundred and fifty investors and venture capital firms.

Traditional boat Race - Video production

The Shores of Traad Community Group is a local foundation created to preserve and protect a nature reserve under threat. They host monthly events to bring awareness to their mission. In October, they hosted their first annual traditional boat race. Our team was on hand to capture the entire event on video to be remebered for generations. Our team managed various interview, drone and time lapse stations to capture the event.

Camp Weathered - Brand Design

Camp Weathered is a teardrop camper rental based in San Francisco. Renting hand crafted cottage design teardrops with unique woodwork for weekends. The team worked on creating Camp Weathered's logo and website. We also worked on creating fitting posts to engage readers and members on their social media accounts. Camp Weathered has been internationally recognised for thier unique experience from outlets such as SFGate and Dwell.

Tize.io - Social Media Management

JUNE 2018
Tize.io lets publishers monetize their links and earn money when people click on them, while also giving you a way to advertise your content in a beautiful way. We crafted unique socia media content for their social platforms to help grow awareness of their platform.

Hobby Haul - Logo Design

MAY 2018
Hobby Haul is a subscription service which delivers a package to start a new hobby to customers each month. Sailfish Studios was comissioned to design a logo for the brand to fit to their website and colour palette.

If you would like to see more examples of our work, feel free to let us know what you're interested in. Send us a mesage and we'll get back as soon as possible!

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