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What We Do

Hey! We're Sailfish Studios, a dedicated and motivated development team focused on providing solutions to worldwide problems.
We love to present our skills through local Hackathons, events, pitches and showcases.
Formed in 2017, the Sailfish Studios team has since been awarded with over 5 nationwide awards for our projects.

Our Experience

Beltech EDU Dragon's Den 2018 - 1st Prize

On the 4th of May, John and Micheal attended Kainos' annual BelTech EDU Dragon's Den, a competition in which we were required to pitch our app idea (a visual recognition satellite imagery platform) to four judges. After answering questions on stage, team Sailfish Studios was chosen for first prize from the four finalists.
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Code4Good NI Space Hackathon - Best satellite data project

An event hosted at Queen's University, Belfast. Code4Good NI tasked us to develop and pitch an idea to benefit smart cities using satellite. We pitched our idea, "Crop Shield" which is a simple way for farmers to detect diseased crops without the need to deploy expensive drones or surveying equipment. Our idea won best use of satellite data.

TIMON Hackathon - Best open data project

Over three days, we were confined to a room to develop an app and pitch to increase the overall safety, sustainability and efficiency of road transport systems using open, free to use public data. On Sunday, we pitched their idea to four judges and managed to win a prize of £1000 for the best use of open data in a project.

Beltech EDU Dragon's Den 2017 - 1st Prize

We recently attended BelTech 2017, pitching a unique cycling app to 4 Judges with 2 of my team mates. Winning first prize of £1000 to develop the app further. Cycom is a unique solution to a healthier and greener community.
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Future 17 Hackathon - 1st Prize

We recently attended Future 17, Europe's largest teenage hackathon, winning first place. Entering an app which could route cyclers through more scenic and healthier routes based to their specifications. Using ‘Inspr’ for iOS we were able to create suitable graphics for our app’s prototype in which we developed in ‘Marvel’, also available on iOS. This allowed us to link each page to the retrospective one accordingly. We decided to go for a clean and simple UI as it would be easier to navigate and look a lot more aesthetically appealing to the targeted user.

BelTech 2018 EDU Dragon's Den - Cropshield

BelTech 2017 EDU Dragon's Den - Cycom

The Team

With experience in web, graphic and video production, we love to work on new and upcoming projects. Working on everything from Wordpress to Materialize and currently working on mastering the languages of Javascript, PHP, HTML and CSS. Through our past few years of experience, we've worked with clients from over 30 different countries, pushing our boundaries of creativity and imagination.

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